Hotel Casa Verde Facade

Hotel Casa Verde

The Hotel Casa Verde is located in the well-known residential area of Punta Gorda, at the south of Cienfuegos City.

This charming hotel is facing the bay for a great view right from your window and just across the street from the Hotel Jagua.

Hotel Casa Verde Reception

The building resembles a Victorian-Modern house and was built at the beginning of the past century on Punta Gorda, which is now a National Monument since various famous buildings have their setting there such as Palacio del Valle, Jagua Hotel, El Cochinito Restaurant, La Marina, El Covadonga and El Club Cienfueguero.

Hotel Casa Verde Entrance

This hotel is a symbol of the authentic heritage monuments of Cienfuegos City obtained from the symbiosis of these stylish properties with the sea.

Hotel Casa Verde 2nd Floor

The building is part of a project that has been started with the goal of restoring old buildings that have cultural or architectural significance, these buildings are often located in historic areas of the city.

Hotel Casa Verde Restaurant and Cafeteria

The Hotel Casa Verde has eight comfortable rooms to offer, and each room has new modern services, even with this modernization, the rooms still have the old colonial charming style.The hotel is so small is nice because it makes your stay feel more like an experience at a private venue, you will know the staff by name and they will strive to help you in every way that you need.

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